Nagasaki Garden Terrace Hotel


August 12.2016 , Nagasaki

Today we went to Nagasaki Garden Terrace Hotel to do some job. I’m very tried because bed making has many step to do. We did it until 12.00AM then ate lunch with staff in hotel after we finished lunch we have breaking time until13.15PM we went back to making bed again. At 14.00PM we are going to sweep leaves in front of hotel and go back to accommodation when 15.00PM. Previously 2 days I said about Unzen Onsen and Ms.Okinaka give me about plan on 14th August(Holidays) How to go and what you have do.I feel really thankful. Mr.Suruta and Mr.Miyahara had to go back to Fukuoka today. They are good friends for me, before they come back to Fukuoka they wrote about thier feeling to me and tell me that “You can look after we arrived at Fukuoka. So I go out to new department store and eat dinner with Mr.Muragami

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