Warehouse of Hakuunsha Company


August 17,2016
Today Mr.Ichimaru take me to visit warehouse at the building which the second floor used to warehouse for packing medicine and prepared for deliver as order. Packing is bring the medicine pack and put it into the box and stuff bag which have paper fill inside for the fragile part. The packing will make it from amount of store where ordered, every boxes of packing have sticker tag stick on it. There are two sticker tag that stick on each box. Firstly, it’s about detail of product. Secondly, it’s about detail of company. After that they will wrap plastic and arrange to the lots then put it on the pallet before bring it on the shelf. The most of product are medicine which don’t have long life circle or have early expire date so they don’t serious about arrange the order of import-export products also the products don’t consider about first in and first out that made it easy for the main arrangement of warehouse which consider about capital. Next, we go to warehouse where they must preserve temperature at 5C ̊. In this warehouse without our products which in our responsibility for deliver, have some part that rented cold storage for preserve their products. In the cold storage have spares materials of Panasonic which have life around six months and must preserve in low temperature or as 5C ̊. In this cold storage have gate which truck can place close to the gate for transfer goods and they put in a lining for shockproof around area that truck will place close. For the safety of cold storage is inside have room which build from iron bar and use fingerprint scanner for accession. In this room will use for the products which risk to robbery such as the narcotics, for transfer goods in this room will put the goods into the box which have excellent key. Next warehouse is place for store and deliver to low price shop. In this warehouse will pack the products from order and use Oritatami is the convertible box which saved the space so much. On the one truck can fill 1000 boxes. After we go to warehouse where inside abound with aluminum stairs which articulate to layer and have the height around 4 layers. This is saving space and use worthy space also the each layer can carry weight loaded. In this warehouse use the wood pallet and forklift for transfer products. Moreover, we go to warehouse where use for keep bicycles. The bicycles in this warehouse made from China and released by Asahi Bicycle Company. The products in this warehouse will change along with season like in a winter Japanese don’t use bicycles. The arrangement bicycles in this warehouse is the popular class or best seller will keep in front area but the sold less class or less order will keep in back area for convenient in transfer products.



For Hakuunsha Company’s warehouse plan for Firstly, the convenience is usability that easy for bring in and bring out, they attend to balance level of area for truck transfer, the arrange zone, use barcode which insert for explain detail of products and company also planning and arrangement of shelf which have row and amount column made it easy for take the products in order for example A011, row A, column 01, route 11 so when have the order,and use Kanban paper you can take the products conveniently.Secondly, decrease the capital.Thirdly, the maintain in quality of products which have preserve efficiency of package also the safety in deliver, the temperature control is proper with variety products also the arrangement of products orderly on truck which decrease damage rank of products. Moreover, the safety of warehouse in every warehouse has fire equipment also employees must use safety hat when they works. In addition the convenience warehouse that we have, we will have area port for bring in and bring out the products by we will prepare products along with zone for bring out the products in tomorrow morning for speedy shipping on time. So Hakunnsha Company is professional of logistic company.


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