Over night at Hakuunsha company


August 23,2016
After afternoon, Mishika pick me up at Fukudaimea and we walk to International exchange center near Fukuoka University. At here there are many Japanese friends from others companies join together for prepare the presentation in tomorrow. Today I help Yuuki answer the questionnaire after that we go to Hakuunsha company by the way have the ambulance follow us, Kazuhiro stop the car on the sideway and use the warning light. This is different from Thailand because in my country we will keep on the sideway for the ambulance when traffic only that I think it’s not good and unlike Japan. Before arrive at Hakuunsha company, we stop for eatramen. At the ramen restaurant everyone orders ramen except me and Teppe that we order rice fired. After we finish dinner we go arrived Hakuunsha company, Mr.Ichimaru take us to visit port for send and receive products that we used to visited but today is difference because at the night have preparing products and transfer many products for deliver on time.



The employees who work at the night will start their work at 6.00 pm -6.00 am and then they will back home for rest. The employees who work at the night will receive salary more than employees who at the morning (8.00 am – 5.00pm) around 25%. So they have diligence in work so much. They get off the products from truck in enter process part and prepare order in the gap of each zone by forklift to move. Moreover in the truck have gutter for drag the pallet which the pallet is elevated by forklift to put it on the truck and then it’s dragged to inside by the worker. I’m so excited because have a lot of trucks in and out. This is 10.00 pm and late night so the bathroom of camp is close, we will go to take a bath at the onsen. This is the first time for me, I’m so shy when I walk into the room at women side. I stop in front of the locker and I’m not sure what should I do. Suddenly, the older woman came in this room and took her cloth off and put them in the locker. I inbreathe and do like the older woman. No one interest to anyone, so I can adjust myself. I’m happy in take a bath in onsen where the public bathroom, I like onsen! When we back ti the camp, everyone concentrate with their work. I wish tomorrow everybody will do the best. You can do it !!!



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