I love Nature in miyazaki


we went to office 9.00and then went to Houei hight school.I saw many difference between thai and japan.Houei hight school has many course.Business ,General ,Cooking Automotive&technical and Nursing.But in thailand Hight school has only subject for example Math science chemistry.In my opinion Education in japan is better than thailand because you can know what do you want to do and what you want to be before you entrance to university.And today I went to villa room in Houei school .It’s awsome and beautiful decoration.It’s good idea to make a student to concentrate to study.and After that went to meet President and CEO of Houei group.He is very very kind.Today We go around miyazaki.We went to tomato ramen shop.We went to Sekino falls.And We wen to Kirishima.today I’m so happy.I love Nature in miyazaki
Abiru sensei I’m forgot to tell you
about my flight to go back.I changed my booking because I have test on 3 September. Thank you
13-15 holiday
After holiday
2 days ago I’m ill but now I’m ok no fever but still take a medicine.





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