I still have headache


at 1.00p.m I went to Houei group office.
She guide the way to Nursing home for tomorrow because tomorrow I will go there with Miki and after that It’s free time.I ate ramen and walked around and then went back to dormitory
Today i feel a little tired because I still have headache.

We went to Houei group nursing home.We working in there since 9-15 o’clock
It’s my first time to be here.I’m nervous.
My responsibility is serve tea to elder and washing glass.
I felt unfortable.Because I can’t speak Japanese.
Too difficult to communication with other people
After finish work.We went back to dormitory

I went to station wait for mami but She came to tenjin dormitory already haha After that we went to AEON mall find something had luuch and the walk around mall and went back to tenjin dormitory on the way to tenjin dormitory we went to Kamibashiragu shrine
it’s a frist time to be there because I alway pass the shrine to office houei group after that We had a dinner at dormitory and tolk about Tomorrow’s plan

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