Italian : Day20


August 15,2016
After my long holidays today in evening I got invited to dinner form Neko and her daughter. We meet at first floor of accommodation at 5.30 PM., we go to restaurant by train.When we arrived to restaurant I meet four people. Firstly is a matronly man his name is Mr.Yoshinori Tsubone. He is funny man. Secondly is a woman her name is Jun. Ms. Jun has the residence for rent which public in Airbnb. It have good rate and near Hakata Station which you can walk in 5 minutes. Ms. Jun came with her 11 years old daughter. Her daughter have a good memory, me and Lookpla lose her in game about remember card, she play so well. And the last one is Ayaka Nakagawa 19 year old girl who speaks English properly. We talk a lot of topics, she is a nice girl. Mr. Yoshinori show play the magic card for us, everyone enjoy in this magic of Mr.Yoshinori. The restaurant decorated in Italian style and have gelato’s buffet which have the flavour more than 10. I eat six scoops of gelato after that we order the pizza. In Thailand when we go to Italian restaurant, we must order varied menu and eat together but in this time everyone order the middle size pizza for ourselves. I wait a long time for my pizza that is around 7 PM. and everyone got their pizza but not me. Ms.Jun and her daughter also Mr.Yoshinori is satisfied but remained 3 pieces so Ms.Jun give it to me one piece. I don’t know that I show something and let’s her know that I’m hungry or not, she will give it to me. I receive it and say thanks to her. After dinner we play game card together and Neko’s daughter bring her homework on the table. It is Physics subject, I help her by explain to her for some topic which I used to study when I study in high school. The topic is about the Newton’s rule such as actions = reactions, It spend the time so long for resurrect my memory. When time to bills, Neko tell me and Lookpla go to bills at the counter but I go to counter, I’m so surprise because my food prices paid by Mr.Yoshinori. I’m so courteous because this is the first that we met, I will pay back to him but he refuse so I can do only to say thank you. Additionally I know that he have plan to go to Thailand in next year, I hope that I can requite him by I’ll be the guide for his trip. When time to go back he drive to take me,Lookpla,Neko and her daughter home. After we arrived accommodation we move to each room for sleep because it’s 11 PM. and tomorrow I have plan to eat Nagashi soumen and fishing with members of Hakuunsha company.



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