Nagashi Soumen : Day21


August 16,2016
Today I have appointment at 10 AM for go to eat Nagashi Soumen with Yuuki,Shimao,Teppie,Kazuhiro and Lookpla. On the way we drive through the forests. The forests in Japan have abundance so much. I think because they have a good manage in city planning, they apportion zone for residences, factories, forest and they have the maintenance also the law of Japan which have restrictiveness and japanese have law abidingness. We go to Shiraito waterfall on the way have traffic because many people go to travel this place. We go to eat Nagashi Soumen which flow through the bamboo tube then we use the chopsticks pinch it and dip to mentsuyu soup which have spring onion and they have wasabi prepared for people who require it. This is the real amusement in summer. However, I see the elderly woman cut the hydrangea which grow up on the sideways and she scrape the moss put in big bag. I think that she should not did that, she should not grab from the nature. We go to fishing by use shrimp for bait. Shimao can catch one fish. We bring it to the rented fishing rod shop, I don’t know that what will they do with that fish. Fishes in the pool that we fishing have the small size but the Japanese admire to catch them. After that we eat the fish roasted, it was not the fish which we caught. This is the twilight time so we will move to go back.
Me and Lookpla go back by Kazuhiro’s car, we are very exhausted so we doze off all the ways. At first Kazuhiro will send us at Nanakuma Station but we sleep and don’t wake our up because he is courteous. We arrived at Hakata Station already when we awake from nap. Thank you so much. Today I can snuff extremely the fresh air from the mountain, I’m so happy ! :))




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