August 6,2016
In the morning I went to Fukuoka University for listen the lecture in Open Campus. In this event you can get advice from the senior who are representative of faculty as event of Thai university. However, the thing which difference is children will meet the professor who give the advice to children and their parents for decision about their education in the future. After that I went to the burger’s shop for lunch. The Japan burger’s shop so difference from Thai burger’s shop. In Japan burger’s shop don’t have seasoning zone, you will request it from the counter also I think the Japanese don’t like the seasoning such as tomato sauce and chili sauce. In the evening I went to Sukiyaki’s party. I help Ayako cut the vegetables for cooking. In our Sukiyaki feature Shiitake mushroom,carrots,welsh onion,tofu,beef and choyua boil in shoyu,sugar and mirin sauce. Then bring beef or vegetable which you like dip in york and eat with rice. In contrast with Sukiyaki in Thailand. Thai sukiyaki have sauce and eat with vegetables,beef,sausage,meat ball,fish ball or seafood. Ayako laugh out loud and said in Japan just have beef. Before eating I went to summer festival event which have shop for food and snack all the way. Nevertheless, I walked in rain so I think should call the raining festival. In event I like Moji crisp fried which have potato smell and stuff with cheese. Before I will back Himawari persuade me to Suito Fukuoka event in tomorrow.
However, I wake up in the morning and I have a fever. Because, since coming to Japan, I go to table every day. It makes my imperfection so today I text to Himawari for cancel and apologize. I hope I will get well soon for BBQ party on Monday. It’s must be fun! Thanks for everyday Fukuoka’s friends.



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