Sea again (: Day 13


August 8, 2016
Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Momochi seaside that have Japanese students more than 30 people from other university not only Fukuoka University. We had BBQ party on the beach, it was scorching hot day. We had 4 BBQ stoves which use fire gel for kindle a fire but in Thailand we use newspaper for start a fire by burn it and bring the charcoals put on the newspaper also blow it then we will get fire for BBQ. I’m enjoyable with BBQ party so much however, I missed BBQ in Thailand also prefer it than BBQ in Japan. Because we didn’t use beef for BBQ, we have sea-food BBQ on the beach. After Japan BBQ party start will have someone who representative said something and said “ Kampai” different from Thailand which start eating immediately when everything are prepared. Before the party end, we had sat in a circle and had speech for end party also had clap hand on the pattern. Unlike in Thailand which end party we will clean up together and say thanks after say goodbye. One thing which made me surprisingly so much is in Japan they clean stove. Because we clean only sieve which use for roasted BBQ then we put out a fire and throw the charcoal away and keep the stove for use in next time. When I went to help my friends washed the goods, I will surprise again because they bring sand from the beach to rub and put in the stove also use the new white fabric scrub dried. It’s so different from Thailand. Every party in Japan always finish late night, I back to my room at 11.00 PM. Nevertheless, the weather is very hot and if I will decide to go or not, I confidently that I will decide to join in this party. Because it give the chance to me for meet new friends and good friendship from this party.



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