Hakuunsha company


August 4, 2016
Today I went to the Hakuunsha company with Yuuki, Teppei and Iri. It is difficult to communicate But everybody is trying to help me. Have translated into English And every time I ask It was translated into Japanese. I am very grateful The company asked me what I wanted to know. Design and schedule,the topics is about the outline company, business struture, warehouse, transportation and Traing people, which I will learn in time to come. Now Hakuunsha Have total of 39 branch offices in Kyushu and Hub center for distribution. Which I could see in the future. After talking to the schedule with Hakuunsha company we had dinner together join to Kubara Honke company had more than 20 people come. I have new friends And I really like the Plate of takoyaki was written with mayonnaise that “welcome to japan Kan” I feel very kind, thank you for today.





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