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August 11,2016
Today I have meeting with members of the company at 9:30 AM but when I woke up everything around me revolves also I feel I’m moving around the world too so I text to Yuki that I can’t go for join the meeting. Then I take medicine, I think Thailand have the hot weather but in Japan have stuffy weather more than Thailand. When I live in Thailand, I don’t expose to the sun because I use my car for transportation unlike when I stay in Japan I must walk distanlty and Japan house don’t have the shade for avoid the sunshine. So that I heat up the food instant and take a rest at my room. In the evening,I find the ramen restaurant where nearly my accommodation from Google map. Then I found the ramen restaurant where away from my accommodation 500 meters. This ramen restaurant open 24 hours and have the ticket machine only in Japanese language. I ask storekeeper for help me. We communicate with body language, I pointed to the picture of ramen and use my hand for tell him that I made it here. I think even if we can’t speak Japanese but we can survive. If we are not embarrass to ask for help from the people. Although we speak difference language but we have kindness to each other which I found in Japan and I appreciate so much. Tomorrow is one day that is my free day

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