Sushi evolved : Day 15


August 10,2016
Today I go to Hakuunsha company, I get a lot of knowledge about the history of company which established since 1957. The company started from small business logistics, they have small warehouse and use tricycle for transportation. In the past the name of company is Ma which came from Manabe Funeto who is the former. The company has growing then they change the logo and the company’s name to Hakuunsha company in 1957 and use until now. Hakuunsha company have management philosophy are 3H : heart, high quality and human. In 1994 Japan got Economic Bubble critical which affect to company about individual resources and the most effect is Furniture products. However, daily necessities and medicinal products got the less impact because they are key element for living. Tokuzumi licence 40%-50% receive the products from customer who want to send products to Fukuoka area after that tuck line will transport the products to Kumamoto Hub area and distribute to customer. Because of products >> when you move >>Become money.

After, I have dinner at Sushi evolve restaurant with Lookpla and Michika in Hakata. The sushi’s price is 100 yen per dish that so cheap. I eat 9 dishes for this meal such as Toro, shrimp and salmon. This shushi evolve restaurant have monitor touchscreen for order. In Thailand don’t have many sushi evolve restaurant but the mostly is Sukiyaki restaurant which have gutter evolve. Moreover, in this restaurant have the glass on the gutter which can reach and have water machine at the table. I’m so fun, Michika’s so cute and friendly even if we are confuse for communication sometime but we use body languages and get help from google translate. So today is another day that makes me happy 🙂


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