the President of Memolead Group


August 10.2016 , Nagasaki

Today in the morning we have nothing to do so Ms.Okinaka suggest us to study history of Memolead Group. After lunch we watched VDO about Mr.Yoshida and his company ,then prepared to eat dinner with Mr.Yoshida at.17.30PM. I was excited before met Mr.Yoshida .He was very kind and creative . He told me that I should learn and remember how to say in Japan, I think about this also before I going to japan. Today I really enjoy Mr.Yoshida asked me many thing about me and my country ,this was very good chance to have conversation with the President of Memolead Group that I had internship now. Thank you to Abriru Sensei Mr.Yoshida and Mr.Ozaki and everyone to made this appointment happened it was my good experience ever since I was in Japan.

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